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Being in lockdown or being stuck at home does not mean the football fun has to stop! It's super important that your Superstar continues to stay as active as possible during their time at home. We have created some exciting stay at home football games and challenges for your Superstar, so that when they return to their weekly football team or session, they can fly straight back into it like they were never off 🙂 We have even created them so that you can complete them in the living room, in the garden or at the local park!

Check out below what we have for them:

  • 16 FREE Super Football Home Practice games E-Book. Hours of fun for you all to enjoy! 

  • 2 FREE Video Challenges from our brand new E-book that is out now! - can you complete our football challenges set by Crystal Palace FC Academy coach, Joe Antonelli

All include hours of fun and entertainment for your Superstar and even you Super Parent to complete! 

You only need a football to get started and all of the equipment can be adapted using household clothing and items, if you do not have it:


🧦 Cones = Use balls of socks, tins of food, plastic bottles

🥅 Goals = Use jumpers, garden chairs, cones

😀 Mannequins = Use garden chairs or each other

🧱 Rebounder = Use a wall, or another player to pass the ball to you


You can get as creative as you like with your equipment. The above will give you some ideas on adaptations.

Book Your Two Trials: Video
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Get your FREE Super Home Practice E-Book!

Download our free home practice football e-book packed with 16 play at home games:

⏰ Hours of fun for your Superstar

⚽️ Boost their football skills away from our classes

💙 A great way to enjoy quality family time together

🏠 Play at home or at the local park

Elite Academy Home Practice Challenges and E-Book!
Elite Academy Home Practice Challenges and Games

Full E-book is out now for just £1.99! Get your copy at the bottom of the page!

These practices and games have been designed for all abilities! They focus more on developing your Superstars technical ability with focused practices and challenges for them to complete. 

All games included in this booklet have been designed by Joe Antonelli, Crystal Palace FC Academy coach, using games that pro academy players use to enhance their weekly training. 

Are you up for the challenge? We have included 2 FREE games and challenges for your Superstar to complete below including guide, challenge, video demonstration and pro clip! Good luck and let us know how you get on 😬


Juggling - Thierry Henry!


Cruyff Turn - John Stones!


Inside Outside - Hatem Ben Arfa!

Elite Chalenge

Get full access to our 45 page E-Book so that your Superstar can fully complete our at home training, giving them a huge head start for when they return to proper football

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