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Elite Home Practice E-book

Elite Home Practice E-book

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These practices and games have been designed for all abilities! They focus more on developing your Superstars technical ability with focused practices and challenges for them to complete. 


All games included in this booklet have been designed by Joe Antonelli, Crystal Palace FC Academy coach, using games that pro academy players use to enhance their weekly training. 



Are you up for the challenge? Our E-book includes:


  • A diagram of set up
  • Equipment required (You will need just a football to start and we have included alternative items incase you do not have football equipment)
  • How to play
  • Video demonstration
  • Pro clip demonstration
  • Bronze, silver and gold challenges to complete


We have four categories of games, easily organised so you can quickly find the right type of game you wish to play:


  1. Ball Mastery and Dribbling
  2. Passing and Receiving
  3. Skill Moves
  4. Turns


Also included in our E-book is a 10% off voucher to be used in our store for future purchases ⚽️🙂


Help get your Superstar ready for their return to football and fine tune their technical ability!

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