Football Academy Sessions For School Years 3-6 In Croydon & Sutton!

Whether you are looking to kickstart or restart your Superstars (that's what we call our children ☺️) football journey, we've got you covered Super Parent!
Our football sessions for School Year 3-6 preparing your child for a football team, cater for ALL abilities!


A Big Hello From Us ⚽️👋

So your Super Star is football mad – Great! You are taking the first steps to help fulfil their football passion and you can get one of our last remaining spaces for your most suited class this term below!

We are sure you can relate to one of the below statements:

– “My child plays football now but is not getting the attention or quality needed….”
– “My child wants to be challenged…”
– “My child is falling behind her / his friends at football…”

- "My child wants to join a football team but I do not know how to get them started...."

The good news is no matter the football situation you find your Super Star in, our football academy sessions will kick start, or restart their football journey!

Our advanced coaching sessions at our football academy are designed to prepare your Super Star with the necessary techniques, skill and game understanding to take their football to the next level. Whether your child is interested in joining a team, plays for a team, or  simply wants to have fun and develop – our football academy is the right choice for them.


Football Academy Session Structure! 

Check out what you can expect to happen at our weekly football sessions for school years 3-6 in Croydon & Sutton


Arrival & Free Play

The first 5minutes of our class are FREE PLAY! Each Super Star is given their own ball to play with where they can experiment and have fun before the class officially kicks off!


Warm Up Game

After your Super Coach has told the group what they will be focusing on and the theme, the warm ups begin! High tempo agility, speed and coordination games are used


Technical Game

Your Super Star is given their own ball and works on ball manipulation, tricks & skill execution


Skill Game
/ Decision Making Practices

This part is where the Skillz are put to the test! Linked to the technical game but now practicing with pressure from defenders / other players


Matches and Tournaments

It's the big kick off time! We create 2-4 teams to play in a match where they will express themselves and show what they have learnt from the class! We encourage lots of celebrating and team work!


Player Of The Week

At the end of the class after we have had our debrief, our Super Coach will choose 1-2 children from their group to be "player of the week"! What happens here? You will have to find out 😬

Our Football Academy Venues for School Years 3-6

Find your most suited day, time and venue and Book Your Two Trials for just £5!

Westcroft Leisure Centre, Carshalton



School Years 3, 4 & 5 6-7pm

Thornton Heath Leisure Centre, Croydon



School Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 11am-12pm

Monks Hill Sports Centre, South Croydon / Selsdon


School Years 3, 4 & 5 10-11am

Thomas More Catholic School, Purley


School Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 11am-12pm


Football Academy Benefits For You and Your Superstar!

Just some of the football academy session benefits you will enjoy!

Links With Professional Football Academies and Scouts

We aim to push our more talented footballers on further

100s Of Touches On The Ball Each Session

The more touches your child has the better they will become at football!

Full participation throughout

No Super Star is left sitting on the sides waiting for their turn, we get all involved at all times!

Clear Progression Pathway

If you want us to be, we will be more than just a weekly football class for your child! We have progression pathways all the way into our football teams!


Trials and Payments!

Find out more about your trials and monthly payments ⚽️

2 Trial Classes for £5

Enjoy TWO trial classes to give yourself enough time to decide if we are right for your Super Star! Refunded upon request should your Super Star not enjoy their first experiences with us ✅ Can't get fairer than that 🙂


What Do Super Parents Like You Think Of Us?👀


Our eldest boy attended Skillz with Ashley and Dan on Saturdays, Mondays for 3+ years. We found Skillz to be an enjoyable and safe environment for children to play in as well as being great fun!

Carlton Cole – West Ham United LEGEND!


About Skillz UK Football Classes and Parties!

Skillz UK was founded in 2012 by Ashley Thomas. Our first ever class started with just 10 children attending.

The goal has been simple! To create football classes centered around CHILDREN (or our Superstars as we like to call them ⚽️🙂). That means lots of energy, themed games and tonnes of smiles!

To date, we now have over 500 weekly members within Croydon and Sutton at our children's football classes, teaching an additional 350 per in our local nurseries and schools. 


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Croydon and Sutton, Surrey

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