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UPDATED: Guess Who's Back? (it should be pretty obvious) 🤣

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Updated 29th March 2021

Hey Super Parents 😊

We are back from today, 29th March! Totally excited, are you? Although we have told you about our return date and your specific class, please see below for full updates on when all of our classes re-open, payments etc. Also, there is a very important info about parent spectators attending our classes at the bottom of this post (in red).

💙 Usually April is our shortest month of the year with only 2 sessions taking place. As you are aware, regardless of the number of classes in a month, the monthly price remains the same. So to give back to you, and to make up for all of the lost football, we have added in an extra session at the end of March / in April for the majority of our sessions and classes, at no charge to you 💙



If you had a trial booked for January or whilst we were closed, we have moved your trial to the first week of your class reopening (see below). You will have received confirmation of this 🙂


If you are on a waiting list, we will have been in touch with you about our current spaces and when we will be able to get you playing with us 😊⚽️


  1. If you paid in January, there will be no charge for our first month back and payments will resume as normal on 1st May.

  2. If you did not pay in January, e.g. your card expired and we were unable to take payment, you will need to reset up your subscription for April

  3. If you would like your very own snazzy Skillz kit, you can trade in your credit for one of these by emailing us on and we will charge your card as normal on 1st April. We will endeavour to have this ready for you at your first class back! Not only will you be supporting us by doing this, but check out how cool your Superstar will look 👇 Sizes start from age of 2:

There is some really important information on this page, so make sure you take a few minutes to read.



Check each specific date out below to find your class or session:

Monday 29th March

  • Christchurch Primary School Years 3 & 4 @ Rotary Park 3.30pm-4.30pm

  • Skillz Elite Academy @ Power League, Croydon 5-7pm

Tuesday 30th March

  • Tuesday Tots Plus, Superstar Years R-2 @ Power League 4-6pm

  • Christchurch Primary School Years 1 & 2 @ Rotary Park 3.30pm-4.30pm

  • Tuesday Morning Toddler Football @ The Centre, Wallington, due to taking place indoors, has been pushed back a few weeks (see below)

Wednesday 31st March

  • Wednesday Tots Plus, Superstar Years R-2 @ Power League 4-6pm

Thursday 1st April

  • Football Academy @ Power League 6-7pm



Easter Holidays 6th - 16th April

  • Skillz staff will be helping Superstar Campz run their Award Winning Easter Holiday Campz

Saturday 10th April

  • ALL existing Saturday football classes resume @ Thomas More, Thornton Heath Rec (we are doing all we can to source a different venue), and Monks Hill Sports Centre at the usual times. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE OUR NEW SATURDAY CLASS @ POWER LEAGUE (see below)

Friday 16th April

  • Friday Superstar Football Year R, 1 & 2 @ Power League 4.30-5.30pm

Saturday 17th April

  • *NEW* Saturday mornings @ Power League for school years 1 & 2

Monday 19th April

  • Margaret Roper after school club school years 1 & 2

Tuesday 20th April

  • Toddler Football @ The Centre, Wallington 10am - 11.25am

  • We will endeavour to add in an additional session for this class in June half term as its not possible in March or April

Thursday 22nd April

  • Margaret Roper after school club school years 3,4 and 5

Friday 23rd April

  • Toddler Football @ Christchurch Hall, Purley 12.45 - 2.10pm

  • We will endeavour to add in an additional session for this class in June half term as its not possible in March or April

  • Regina Coeli after school football clubs for school years 2&3 2.45-3.45pm

We have tried to be as clear and specific as possible, but should you have any questions you can drop us a line here



The past 12 months have been extremely hard on everyone. When being unable to socialise and live a normal life starts to feel normal, we know we have a problem on our hands! I am making a promise to you that me and the team will go over and above to ensure our classes and sessions provide a bit of escapism for you and your Superstar and that they will be the best part of your week once again 😉

For us, it has been really tough. Our sessions and classes will have been shut for 7 months of our trading year by the time we return. But having a community of Super Parents and Superstars like we do has really helped us get through this mentally. The love and support you have shown us has been overwhelming and the team and I cant wait to repay you at our sessions and classes. We are still standing and we aren't going anywhere! No sessions have been cancelled, no staff members have been made redundant, so you can fully expect the Skillz experience to be even better than it was before....even if us coaches do have bigger bellies than last year, and have messy hair (temporary of course)🤣👀

The road to recovery for us is looking positive but we really do need your help. We ask that you do three things over the coming months that won't cost you a penny:

  1. Like and follow us on social media. Instagram here, Facebook here . Every time you share or like one of our posts, it gives other people a chance to discover us

  2. Take a photo or post a video of your Superstar at our classes and tag us on the above platforms. Lots more people will start seeing first hand the fun we have

  3. Tell your friends about us, and even bring your friends to a session so the Superstars can play together. Just drop us a message and we can arrange two trials for them

  4. Ok this one does come with a little cost but will benefit your Superstar too! For any football equipment such as the foldaway goals we use at our sessions, or if you wish to buy a football kit, you can do this on our very own club web shop 👉 here 👈

We cannot wait to see you all again very soon,

Coach Ash, Dan, Stefan, Gonçalo, Sheridan, Ryan and Andrea 💙⚽️



The FA has given football the all clear to have contact training and matches with a staggered approach in line with government lockdown restrictions easing slowly. With this in mind, we are mindful that we still need to be safe and thorough in our preparations and cleaning processes. Note that guidelines are constantly being updated, but for now you can see how we will be approaching our classes:

  1. Where possible, the FA have asked for just one parent to attend with their child. This is to limit the number of people gathering at our sessions. Please respect this rule, otherwise we may have to ask parents to stay in the car.

  2. Our footballs will be sanitised in between sessions

  3. We will have enough bibs so no 2 groups will wear the same on that day, and these will be washed daily

  4. Hi 5s and team celebrations are banned for now (we will do virtual Hi 5s and run around like crazy footballers on our own when we score)

  5. For indoor sessions, parents will be asked to wear masks at all times

  6. For some of our indoor sessions (depending on venue capacity restrictions), parents will be asked to drop off their Superstar and wait outside the sports hall / in their car. This will not apply for toddler football classes

  7. Hand sanitiser will be available at all of our sites and Superstars encouraged to use throughout the session

  8. Coaches will promote social distancing from the children and parents where possible. We need to make sure we can still deliver a top notch session and entertain the Superstars too!

  9. A register will be taken (as normal) at the start of each session, and if there are two groups of children present, there will be no mixing of the groups

  10. All parents, Superstars and coaches will be asked to stay away from our sessions if they are displaying any symptoms or are unwell, and advised to get an NHS Covid test

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