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Skillz - Football Classes and Sessions Paused

Updated: 7 days ago


Please watch this 2 minute video by Coach Ashley with an update about our current situation.

💙 Please join our Skillz Facebook Group as mentioned above. We hope to create a community that can help one another during this difficult time 💙

👉 facebook.com/groups/skillzhub👈

We hope you are not too disappointed with our decision and hope you can understand our reasons for pausing classes. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being with us so far, and we take pride in the fact that we put a smile on your Superstars face each week and that they love their class. Please reassure them that we will be back in no time!

Please see below for your options for April. As we are still a small local business, the effects of a pause will be very difficult for us. We understand we are not alone in this, however our priority is to ensure your Superstar has football and coaches to come back to when this all blows over. The current plan as it stands will be: 

March 2020

As we have decided to close our classes, we will be offering any missed classes as credit for a later date. Final details of this will be confirmed but it is looking likely that we will add in additional classes to make up for your 1-2 missed classes this month

April 2020

Due to the easter holidays, there are only a couple of classes scheduled in April. For example:

  • Monday, Fridays and Saturdays - 2 classes

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 3 classes

Please remember that your monthly fee you pay each month never changes and isn't a true reflection of the classes in that month. Sometimes there are 2, 3, 4 or 5 classes in a month and the price remains the same as this is calculated at the start of the year and averaged out each month.

There are two options for you this month. It is super important for us to give you options that suit you and your family:

1. Subscription to run as normal - But credits / refunds to be processed in May for any cancelled classes in April

By putting the above in place, it ensures your Superstar keeps their space and you are showing your support to our programme and coaches

2. You can cancel your subscription through the usual cancellation channel by 25th of month.

You will be given first refusal on your space when we return but there will be a fee of £7.50 to re set up your payment if returning to your class after the pause. Your space must be secured with payment within 36hrs of us offering it back to you, or it will be given to next on our waiting list.

WHAT HAPPENS IF CLASSES RETURN W/C APRIL 20TH? If you return you will be charged for the remaining classes in the month plus your £7.50 set up fee.

Cancellations must be made to cancellations@skillzuk.co.uk on or before 25th of March for you not to be charged in April

⭐️ We will always be honest and transparent with you - The small £7.50 set up fee is to help with the programmes cash flow when we return to support payment of venues, staff, and other costs associated with running the business each day. We hope you can understand support us with our decision to do this ⭐️

The reason we are not not cancelling/freezing all subscriptions:

Many of our classes currently have a waiting list (146 children at present to be precise), and by removing your child it enables other people to book your space, meaning we cannot guarantee the same space for you upon your return. As an existing Super Parent, you and your Superstar are really important to us and we would like to give you the option to keep your space.

Also, we as a programme have found the last week very testing, and are working endlessly to provide the best solution for everyone involved in Skillz. We need to ensure that there is a programme to return to and that our amazing team are looked after. We trust you will understand that our business costs will not stop even when our classes are paused. We really hope you will support us over the coming month and normality will resume and the football fun will restart ASAP! 🙂

We wish you all of the best for the coming weeks and the best health and happiness for your family. You really do mean the world to us all 💙⚽️

Ashley, Dan, Andrea, Gonçalo, Stefan and The Skillz Team