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All of the videos below are in the same order that they are shown in your book. Enjoy watching them and practising 😊

Thierry Henry - Juggling and Keep Uppy Challenge

Hatem Ben Arfa - Inside to Outside Cuts

Willian - Inside to Inside Shift

Andres Iniesta - Drag Vs

Ilkay Gündogan - Back Foot Receive

Xavi - No Touch Turn Out

Eden Hazard - Cruyff Back Foot Receive

Willian - Sole Trap

Cristiano Ronaldo - Single Scissor

Cristiano Ronaldo - Double Scissor

Cristiano Ronaldo - Chop

Eden Hazard - Double Chop

Xavi - Inside Hook Turn

Jose Enrique - Outside Hook Turn

John Stones - Cruyff Turn

Xavi - Drag Turn

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