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Important Information - Please Read Below👇

Thank you for submitting your cancellation request. We are really sad to hear you wish to leave us 😔

Your 4 week notice period has been triggered. 


Any final payment to us will be pro rated for any classes during your notice period which have not yet been paid for (usually happens if part of the notice period rolls into the following month)

• Your final class will be detailed to you in an email, and if any final payment needs to be made.


If any final payment needs to be made, we will charge your card after confirming your final class date with us and then cancel your subscription so no further payments are taken 🙂

💙🙂 Thank you for being a part of our community. If there is anything we can do to change your mind, just drop us an email. We will be happy to discuss this with you 💙🙂

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