Summer Holiday Lunch Ideas 🙂

Star wars Chewbacca

Just one week away from the summer holidays, or your Super Star may have already started their break! Knowing how organised you Super parents are, you will have got nearly everything sorted:

  • Summer holiday activities (if you haven’t we’ve got tonnes of ideas for you here)
  • The child care arrangements
  • The time off from work when needed

But I bet the last thing you are thinking about is the packed lunches…I even bet you are dreading preparing all of these! My mum used to despise making these, and clearing the leftovers out of my lunch box was even worse for her! At our camps we see lots of Super Stars not wanting to finish their lunches or complain that they do not like whats in them. So, I thought I would help you Super Parents with some ideas and even better, get your Super Star involved in making their own lunch!

Ready, steady, cook!

I am going to be brave enough to tell you that your Super Star can design their lunches on their own! Yes you heard me right…..ON THEIR OWN….with the help of “Lunchbox Dad” and some parental supervision (we do not want any accidents)! Unfortunately at Skillz we do not have a magic wand that can help your Super Star muster up a 5 course Michelin star lunch, but by using our core principle of having fun, we guarantee this will engage and motivate your Super Star to create their own lunch. This could even become one of their summer holiday activities – there you go, another cheap and easy activity you can add to your list!

Harry potter lunch

I discovered “Lunchbox Dad” a few months back and have been absolutely in awe of his creative skills. With the help of his children, he has designed lunch for them to take to school that not only makes them want to eat it all, but also involves them and gives them a taste of cooking! I remember making an almond finger chocolate sandwich for Halloween once after seeing it on Art Attack on CITV! Lots of fun and without knowing it, mum and dad had helped me create my own lunch for school the next day!

incredibles lunch

Our favourite 3 lunch ideas are around the page – Star Wars, The Incredibles and a Harry Potter lunch! You can check out the others here. Your Super Star will have their own favourite themes and I would love to hear what they are! Remember you can comment below and let us know! Perhaps a “Skillz” lunch could be created – us coaches would love to see that….and taste it 🙂

If you still have some days that need filling, you can book a day or more at our camps here.

Happy cooking Super Parent 🙂

Please stay tuned to our blog for more content designed to make your life as a Super Parent that little bit easier. If you have any particular topics that you would like our insights on, simply comment below and we will get on it straight away 🙂

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