Summer Holiday Activities for your Super Star!

Summer Holiday Activities

Ahh the summer holidays! The most challenging time of the year for a parent according to my very own “Super Mum”. If it wasn’t for her or my Dad taking time off work, or if they never saved up money throughout the year for the 6 week period, I would most likely have been stuck at my Nan’s every day in front of the cable TV watching Cartoon Network – not very exciting at all after the initial couple of hours is over!

The biggest excitement for me during my summer holiday would be when we had summer holiday activities planned such as trips to Brighton beach, Godstone Farm or having a picnic over the park with friends. Anything to get me away from Scooby Doo on Cartoon Network!

Mum, Dad……I’m bored 🙁

I have mentioned to all of you Super Parents before about the dreaded “I’m bored” shouts (heck you don’t need me to remind you) during the school holiday when there are a lack of activities planned. According to the Daily Mail, kids say those dreaded words up to 200 times during the six weeks holiday! But never fear – I have found lots of cheap and mostly free summer holiday activities that you can fit into their summer holiday. Just take a look at the links below – Netmums have even kindly created a downloadable daily activity planner that you can use… can thank me later 😉

Netmums Summer Holiday Activities Planner + 11 ideas for a free family day out

Money Saving Expert 100+ things to do with the kids / Summer Holiday Activities

But Remember…’s not all bad being bored

It is simply not possible to have something planned for 30 week days during the summer holidays. There will be times when no activities are planned, but this isn’t a bad thing! We are a big fan of our Super Stars being independent and creative and that is exactly what being bored will fire up in their brain! Summer Holiday Activities 2

So on the odd days where you don’t have anything planned, do not worry! Be brave and see what your Super Star comes up with to fill their time! Obviously this can’t happen every day, so on the days where you need some activities, simply choose activities from the links above or you can check out our Award Winning Summer Holiday Sports Activity camps!

Good luck Super Parent 🙂

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