101 Activities For Your Child This Easter Holidays!

Just a few days away before the Easter Holidays officially start for most children in Croydon & Sutton! It is a time of year i know my Mummy & Daddy dreaded….not Easter, they loved all the chocolate, ratherthey dreaded the idea of keeping me occupied and happy during my time off school!

Your Superstar will be Super excited for their break from school, but you need not stress or worry about what to do. Timeout (www.timeout.com) have come up with 101 activities for children to do in London during their Easter Holidays, some of which are free, and some of which will even keep you the Super Parent entertained too 😗

You can check out the full list of ideas here: https://www.timeout.com/london/kids/101-things-to-do-in-london-with-kids

And if you want some time to yourself and need us to do the entertaining for you, you can check out our Award Winning Superstar Campz (as voted by Netmums.com) right here.

I have wonderful memories of the school holidays! Whether that be a trip to Brighton with my Mum & Nan, attending an activity camp with my cousin (where we would run riot….I now feel for those instructors and what we put them through 😱being in the same line of work as them), or playing football in the garden with my neighbours. Whatever you choose to do this Easter break, I hope you have a wonderful, entertaining time 😃

Coach Ash & The Superstar Campz Team 

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