Can I join a course even if it has already started?

Yes. You can join our courses at any time subject to availability 🙂

Do I have to complete a booking form every time i want to enrol on a course?

No. You very simply register with us just once and include all of yours and your Superstars details. These are then stored on your account so when you wish to book onto another course, you simply hit the book now button on the course page and log in.

It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

What happens if my Super Star does not enjoy their trial class?

In the unlikely event that this happens there is no commitment to continue with any further classes and we refund your £5 trial class fee when requested.

How do I pay?

For our weekly classes, we offer a monthly payment via your debit/credit card. This means that you are only committed to one month at a time (as we know how much can change in a young footballers life) and payment is taken on the 1st of the month for that month ahead.

For our holiday & half term activity camps, you can pay via your debit / credit card or via childcare vouchers. For the latter, you will find all of the vouchers we accept on our camp booking page 🙂

Do I have to join in with the classes?

No. We encourage independence in our Super Stars as part of their social development.

However, during our Skillz 4 Tots classes, with the youngest children aged 2-3 years old, we ask that you join in with your Super Star to help build their confidence. With the 3-4 year olds we encourage them to play on their own, but some may need additional support. Our aim is to develop independence in your Super Star, but this can take time as each child progresses at different rates. Once the coaches and you feel they are ready to play on their own, you can sit back and enjoy the show!

But don’t worry – if you are asked to join in, we will make sure you are having lots of fun and developing your football skills too. You could become the next Lionel Messi….its unlikely, but you never know!

Can I drop my Super Star off at the classes and pick him / her up at the end?

No. You are required to stay at the classes to encourage and support your Super Star on their footballing journey. However, during the school holidays and half term courses you are able to so you can get a bit of “me” time……or just get off to work!

Can I use my mobile phone during the classes?

We kindly ask that you refrain from being on your mobile phone during our classes to ensure your full attention is given to your Super Star, especially during our Skillz 4 Tots classes. Toddlers are constantly seeking approval from their mummies and daddies, especially in a new learning environment.

Can I get a refund for a missed class?

We do not offer any refunds or credit for missed classes when booked onto a course. This applies to all classes and camps.

I have been charged a covering payment this month for my Superstars classes. What is this?

If you join our classes after the 1st of the month, we are unable to take payment for that month until the following month. We would then add on any sessions you have had to your first months payment. For example if you had a trial on the 10th October, we would then add a covering payment for October’s 17th, 24th, 31st sessions which would debit your card along with Novembers sessions payment. You are never overcharged and you will always receive an email when a covering payment has been added 🙂

There are only 3 sessions this month but i have been charged the full amount? Can you please advise?

Of course! The monthly price will not be a true reflection of the number of sessions that are on in that month. We calculate our monthly price by multiplying our class price (which varies) by the number of sessions in a year and then divide that by the number of months we would charge for. For example our Saturday sessions £7.66 p/c run for 47 sessions per year across 12 months. This then gives us our monthly price of £30.
So regardless of if there are 3, 4 or 5 sessions in a month, you would always pay the same price. It is the most economical way of pricing for you Super Parents 🙂

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